The Music in Gossip Girl Episode 1 – “Summer Kind of Wonderful” Season 2 Premiere

Gossip Girls first episode of the season was filled with denial, lies and then a whole lot of coming clean– and so was the music. True to the shows musical past, the first episode of the second season, Summer, Kind of Wonderful, was an eclectic mix of indie and pop tracks beginning with Reverse of Shade by The Windupdeads.

Reverse of Shade runs through the recap of last year and plays into scenes of summer with several of the main characters. Just as the new scenes of summer begin with Nate and his new best friend locked together at the jaw, the track Buzzin from Shwayze belts on in the background. The lyrics fit the mood perfectly even as Serena passes Chuck on the beach with a set of topless beach bunnies.

Another catch all song in the show was Fell in Love Without You by Motion City Soundtrack, which does a good job of capturing the strife, heartache and denial that most of the characters are so obviously feeling over each other. The song plays through two of Chuck scenes, including his trip to the airport to welcome Blair home only to see her with another man. The show ends with the song as well when Dan and Serena make up and meet on the beach after the White Party.

The rest of the show takes on an upbeat that is reflected with faster music and more of a poppy beat. At the White Party, Google Me by Teyana Taylor plays in the background as everyone mingles. Later, when Nate needs help making Catherine jealous, Paparazzi by Lady GaGa fills the void.