Music Teachers Resources – Going Beyond Traditional Teaching

Are you a music teacher or an enthusiast? Do you consider music both as your passion and profession? Well, read on and get the latest music teachers resources that you need to know and practice for the betterment and advantage of your teaching career.

Whether you teach music in the classroom or in a private music studio, it is still better for you to always change and modify your teaching techniques so as not to bore your students – breaking the monotony and making them more interested and motivated. Losing their interest and enthusiasm to learn music may probably the last thing that music educators and tutors can think about.

Traditional teaching refers to a teacher-centered classroom environment where the music instructors do all the tasks: discussions, lectures, thinking, asking, deciding and many more. The power and the responsibility all lie in the shoulders of the educators themselves. Thus, in today’s teaching and learning environment, the teacher is encouraged to merely facilitate classroom activities and learning sessions as he or she motivates the students to do his/her part and act roles in the learning process.

Music teachers around the globe are determined to improve their ways of getting the attention and interest of their students – making them highly-motivated learners. As they go beyond the boundaries of conventional methods of music teaching, they get through various means of acquiring the latest necessary trends, skills and experiences on music education updates. One great way to achieve this professional development and obtain career success is through the power of the Internet.

With just a few clicks, one can browse, search, download and install music teacher software from reliable music teachers websites without any hassles at all and overspending. Appreciating the convenience of Internet search and easy access, more and more teachers are engaging into this kind of newest technology, getting the most useful and effective music teachers resources for the betterment of their teaching strategies. Such techniques are being acquired globally and applied in many classrooms and music studios out there.

However, the effectiveness of these innovative music teachers resources depend on the appropriateness, availability of resources and the receptiveness of the learners to changes, new trends and interactive activities. Music teachers, who intend to acquire a technique from innovative resources, should always take into consideration their students’ behaviors, characteristics and perceptions. As you take your teaching strategy to the next level, you should also remember several underlying factors that can be affected, altered and influenced by the newly adopted strategy in teaching music to students.

Music teachers resources, which are created to be innovative, interactive and interesting, are also anticipated to bring the students closer to motivation, acquisition and learning respectively – leaving a long-lasting impact. Most of all, teaching with quality and style can be good for your dear students but teaching with your heart into it makes it more rewarding, fulfilling and well-appreciated.

So what are you waiting for? Step out of the box and inspire yourself and others to take a stand and make a difference. Keeping yourself and your fellow teachers abreast with the latest trends and techniques in music teaching can surely jumpstart this endeavor. Let us get in touch with as many music teachers as we can and begin spreading the good news. Happy teaching!

4 Tips to Generate Publicity For Your Music Promotions Campaign

Regardless of where you are in your music promotions campaign, public relations is just as important in your promotional strategy as digital music promotions is. While digital music promotions is how you market and expose the music digitally, public relations is ultimately how you create a following. PR is the difference between being heard by the masses or being heard by a few, and the right PR muscle to successfully intensify exposure for your project will eventually lead to more sales.

Of course, the intensity of PR strategies that you implement in your campaign would depend on what phase of the campaign you’re in. If you are in the beginning phases of pushing a particular project and have yet to create a buzz or secure the support of DJs, then there is no way that the project would merit having national publicity unless you have an absolutely unique angle or story or a great track record. On the other hand, if you’ve been consistently building your fanbase and have the numbers to back it up and the support of DJs to show for it, then regional or even national publicity could go a long way in your campaign.

Despite where you are with your project and how it is progressing along, you still need PR whether it is just online publicity, exposure within the DJ community, or even regional or national publicity, your project still needs exposure in a major way. With just four simple tips to follow, you can generate positive publicity for your music promotions campaign regardless of how much buzz or credibility you have.

1. Press Releases. You need them. Get familiar with them. Besides being a natural way to distribute news for your campaign, press releases give you instant visibility in the search engines. With a well written press release, not only can you secure write-ups and reviews, you will also notice how Google and other search engines improve your searchability. The key to digital music promotions is all about optimizing online visibility.

2. Social Media Press Releases. You don’t just need a press release, you need one that is optimized for social media. If you don’t know what that is, then get to know it. Let’s face it. Media is no longer what it used to be and is now replaced by social media and citizen journalism (i.e. blogs).

3. Social Media. Don’t just create a profile page on social media networks- strategically use them to create conversation. In addition, create conversation with the right type of people in your social networks. If you’re an artist or record label and your ultimate goal is to increase your exposure, then people in your social networks should be journalists and writers, DJs, and other record labels and artists. Word of advice- Myspace is no longer the king of social media- it has been replaced by the new kings- Twitter and Facebook.

4. Email Lists. Build an extensive email database of people who would be interested in what you have to say and that includes media, DJs, industry tastemakers, and potential fans. Don’t have enough emails? Well, that’s where email blasts services come into play, but make sure they are credible and are able to generate positive results. Word of advice- organize your database into relevant groups. Although an email blast is one way to increase exposure, it’s also the easiest way to kill your exposure. You don’t want to make the mistake of sending a press release meant for media to your fanbase who would have no use for it. Likewise, you don’t need to send your mp3 to journalists if it’s meant to get DJs to break your single.

Best Places to Break-Up With Your Boyfriend

Has relationship gone a little stale? Have you felt a little stuck these past 6-months? Then it’s probably time for a change. If you’re certain that you want to break-up with your boyfriend then you’ve got to do it right. Assuming he’s a good guy, you’ll want to make sure that your break-up techniques will respect him as a person and what you once had as a happy couple. So take care and be thoughtful in your decision. Once you’ve decided when, then you’ve got to pick the perfect place. If you’re drawing a blank, then check out my suggestions below.

1. Public Library. This may sound a little weird, but if your boyfriend it prone to making a scene or crying, then the public library is sure to prevent this. He’ll have to remain somewhat composed, even if he’s itching to wail out at you. Remember to have tact and to pick a nice cozy spot. Once it’s over with, then you can both easily go your separate ways.

2. Dive Bar. Make sure there are lots of people around and the music is really loud. Have a seat on a couple of bar stools and break the news. As long as the atmosphere is just right, then he’s likely to take the news somewhat well. Just make sure he’s had a couple of drinks first.

3. Local Coffee Shop. This type of atmosphere also calls for a composed response. Just grab a couple of coffees have a seat and tell him you need to talk. Be calm about it and blend with your surroundings. He’s likely to be upset, but he’ll probably handle it better with a nice cup of Joe.

4. Public Park. If you’re expecting a big shout out match, then why not go to a public park? He can scream as loud as he wants, just make sure you aren’t near any young children playing. Wonder off into a more secluded area, have a seat on an outdoor patio set, and have it out. Then you can both leave in opposite directions.

Breaking-up is never easy. It’s stressful enough figuring out what you need to say, but you can’t neglect location. The location of your break-up talk can really make it an easier discussion. Just judge your boyfriend’s personality type and pick an appropriate place. And remember, if you live together, you should avoid breaking-up inside of your home. This will be both incredibly awkward and inconvenient.

Music Helps in Hard Times – Don’t Quit Piano Lessons

Recessions force people to make difficult choices about the “extra” things they do for themselves. News reports reflect those changes in spending trends.

If you’re feeling tempted to drop your piano lessons in an effort to save a few dollars, here are five reasons to reconsider:

1. Music represents beauty, and you need beauty even more during ugly times.

Wikipedia says about the benefits of music,: “It is often thought that music has the ability to affect our emotions, intellect, and our psychology; lyrics can assuage our loneliness or incite our passions.” (January 13, 2009). Tapping in to these effects will help you transcend and rise above the less pleasant sounds, images and issues in your day-to-day life.

2. Doing something you enjoy will help you keep a positive outlook.

An important element of the Law of Attraction, made famous by the movie The Secret, is that whatever you focus your mind on is what you will create in your life. If you quit learning piano and spend all of your time worrying about your finances, your worries will get bigger and the life you enjoy will get smaller. You can look forward to feeling good about yourself, rewarding yourself with piano lessons.

3. Depriving yourself too much could result in rebellion and even a spending “binge.”

While it would be wise to cut your spending and use your resources wisely, that doesn’t mean automatically cutting out everything you enjoy. If you try to control yourself too tightly, you may end up at a breaking point, going out and blowing your money on something you don’t really want and definitely don’t need. Keep one or two so-called luxuries in your life so that you’re not tempted to binge.

4. Sometimes we can turn our hobbies into real income.

Piano lessons could lead you anywhere. With your newfound creativity and skill, you may come up with an idea for a whole new business for yourself – whether it involves music or something else you can teach! And every little bit of extra income will help!

5. During challenging times, your piano lessons are a way to relieve stress and to relax.

Stress can lead to all sorts of health problems – from muscle and back pain to digestive problems, fatigue and difficulty sleeping – and sometimes serious disease. You need all of your energy and strength to cope with the recession. Focus your practice time specifically on the types of music that you enjoy the most and that help you relax.