How To Submit Network News Video Clip Footage In 3 Steps

Has this ever happened to you? You’re standing on a busy street corner, minding your own business, when all of a sudden a masked gunman comes running out of a nearby bank with the cops in hot pursuit. Luckily, you have your video cell phone and capture the whole scene on video. But how would you submit network news video clip footage like this to ABC, CBS, NBC, or Fox?

Being in the right place at the right time armed with a video cellphone when something newsworthy occurs means you could potentially reap some financial rewards. Did you know that news organizations pay handsomely for exclusive video like this?

So what do you do now that you’ve captured some great video or picture with your cell phone? There are basically three steps to take if you want to get paid for the video footage you have shot. Edit, upload, and announce it to the media.

Most video cellphones come with movie editing software built-in (or packaged with the phone). Even if the bundled software is sub-par (which it usually is) there are many off-the-shelf software solutions that can enhance the quality and reduce the file size of the video you have captured.

Remember, you do not want to manipulate the video extensively, since this will jeopardize the ‘man on the street’ quality that the news networks are looking for. Besides, the news stations have much more sophisticated software than you could probably afford to massage your video into the desired format, length and content.

You probably don’t need to do much to your raw video footage except reduce the length of the clip to the smallest size. This is important because you don’t want to pay to upload your video and the free video hosting services only give you so much storage space that can quickly run out if you are uploading large files.

Next, you need to upload your video to an online video sharing service. There are bunch of these available, some offering a meager amount of free storage and charging extra for larger portions of space. Other services limit the amount of bandwidth your video can consume. This means the number of people that can watch your video at one time is limited.

After choosing a suitable place to host your newsworthy video, you need to tell the news broadcasters about it. In whatever city you live in, there are local news affiliates that are part of larger news organizations like Fox News or ABC. You can easily determine which news stations are in your area by turning on a TV and seeing what the call-letters are for your local broadcast news stations.

Breaking News! The Holidays Are Coming and YOU Can Stay Healthy

Yes, we’ve all been there before – early January comes and we’re feeling sluggish, heavy, bloated, and perhaps a bit guilty. I’m on a mission to revolutionize how we take care of ourselves, all year long. But the best place and time to start is here and now.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and the “Festive Season” rolls in quickly after. It can often seem a bit overwhelming, so many events geared around food, seeing family & friends, getting all the work done before you go off work or traveling. Or maybe it’s just tough to be at home with a chill in the air, comforting, warm food in the house, and to NOT overeat.

I’ve put together my 7 best tips on how to care for yourself during these next couple of months – through all of the celebrations and all of the invites. And I’d like to invite you to join me in self-care without deprivation. Yes, I mean it – no dieting, no self-punishment or torture. Let’s aim to get to January feeling great, feeling strong, and feeling nurtured.

7 Empowering Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

1) Be your own friend.

You, whether you fully accept it or not, are a human being, and you have amazing, wonderful qualities. Choosing unhealthy food choices (whether it’s foods that aren’t good for us, healthy foods in too large quantity, or both) is always a sign that you arenot valuing yourself in the way you deserve. Before you make these choices, just take a minute to think about how great you really are – think of your 3 best qualities, nice things you’ve done for someone else lately, and/or what your friends really love about you. And know that these good qualities – they are your truth.

2) Always acknowledge that you have a choice.

The diet industry doesn’t want us to believe that we are powerful enough to make our own choices. They make a heck of a lot of money on the premise that you’re not. Then they get to tell you what to do.

I’m telling you, YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. You can choose to eat German chocolate cake all day long, you can get up early and go running, you can get drunk every night, or you can base every meal around fresh veggies. All of these have consequences. But know that the choice is YOURS and YOU ARE CHOOSING the results as well. Your friend who wants you to join her in one last piece of pie does not have the power to make you do so – you can say yes, you can say no. You can take the pie home if you want, for later. It’s you who makes the choice. And sometimes, of course, you will join her for that pie. Just make sure YOU choose to do so. It’s totally liberating when we realize that we do have the power of choice.

I don’t care if you say you want to feel great in the morning, and then you gorge yourself on 8 beefsteaks & a cheesecake, and feel sick. Well, really I do care, but it’s not my choice. It’s not something I’m going to do for you. It HAS to come from you. And you need to know you are making ALL of your own choices.

3) Keep drinking.

Water that is, in whatever form works best for you. Carry a water bottle with you if you like, or a thermos & drink herbal tea. Lemon & ginger tea is a great combo this time of year – detoxing, warming & soothing. If you stay hydrated, I promise you, your food cravings will be less – they may still be there, of course, but they will be less.

If you plan on drinking alcohol (and remember it’s your choice), then increase your water intake even more – perhaps have a pint glass of water for every one of booze. Whatever works to remind yourself to drink water. And, of course, remember that if you drink alcohol at all, your judgment will be compromised so you’ll be less aware of what you’re eating. I’m not saying don’t drink, just be conscious of what you’re choosing, so if drinking & losing control is an issue for you, then you can have a plan to be prepared for it.

4) Choose your own guidelines ahead of time.

If I’m going to a big party, event, or gathering where I know there’ll be great food served for hours at a time, I try to tune into myself and the situation before I go. How hungry am I now & how long do I have before I’ll need to eat? What foods am I craving today? Is it a holiday & I really want the foods associated with that day? It helps me to know how long I’ll have before I’m truly hungry, and to keep a mental guide with me in while I’m at the event.

What works best for me is to work out how long it will be before I’m hungry, then to hold off eating until then, and to consciously choose* what will feed me best in that moment. In doing so, I’m not depriving myself and I’m not overeating. I’m making choices, which will help me to satisfy myself and feel good later.

*I know it’s not always easy to consciously choose what you’re going to eat if you’re at a dinner party, but in these cases you can consciously choose to be present & relaxed, and to still choose how much of it you will eat. Just because someone serves you a huge plate of their food, it doesn’t mean you have to finish it.

5) Wherever you are, whatever you eat, eat it slowly.

This one’s quite straightforward. The more you chew your food, and the slower you eat it, the better you will digest it, and the less chance you will eat too much. How slow is slow enough? You can count your chews, if you like, but it’s not the most social of behaviours. Better off, just slow down, and try to be one of (if not the) last ones to finish. If you’re always the first one done, then this especially applies to you!

6) Celebrate & Have a Good Time.

You know you can celebrate by doing other things than eating! In fact, food should play only a small part in a good party. Good conversation, dancing, perhaps walks outside, helping to cook, serve or clean up, playing and making art with children, playing music/singing, offering to walk the dog, offering to get people drinks, helping to decorate or light the fire…the list could go on and on…there are always more ways to celebrate and there are always other things to be done at parties.

7) Make sure you get adequate self-care throughout the whole season, beginning now.

Start taking immune-building herbs today (if you are unfamiliar with this idea, ask a local herbalist or health-food shop). Cold & flu season, combined with overindulgence & stress is just a recipe for illness. Start building your immune system, get regular exercise throughout the winter months (maybe start a new exercise class in November or December, instead of in the New Year), and make sure to treat yourself (at least once a week, if possible) to things like warm baths, body massage or reflexology, healing sessions, quality time with close friends & loved ones. And keep laughing – it’s great for you.

Breaking News – The Answer May Not Be In The Infomercial Financial Course

The other night, leg cramps kept me up at night so I found myself
watching these various couples discuss their success over buying
a Real Estate course in this infomercial, at 2AM.

The evidence that people are purchasing these “Sudden Wealth”
programs are right there on the television screen in front of me.

After all, the advertisers of these “Complete Kits”
would not otherwise continue to pay for this advertising
without continuous customers.

I’m not necessarily trying to say to you that it’s _always_
a bad idea to call that 800 number and order.

… However, if you have a subtle, but conflicting
dialog in your head while dialing the numbers on the

– in other words, if you are going against your instincts –

.. then you are probably reinforcing one of the following
beliefs, unconsciously, by being the willing consumer:

Belief #1. I am not “plugged in” enough to this Universe to ever
receive just the right Avenue for my wealth, one that
suits *me*. Things just don’t work out for me that
way, so I will force a solution by buying into this.

( can you guess how possibly unhappy someone’s external circum-
stances would be, with this belief? Guess what? If you exist,
than you Are plugged in!)

Belief #2 “My Wealth is decided by External Forces, and this
Instant-Cash marketer on the screen looks like he’s
got ‘Inside Information’ on these external forces,
so I’d better get in on this.”

Belief #3 “If I don’t buy this program, than it means that I’m
probably passing up on the incredible lifestyle I
see in the background” – the infomercial sponsors
probably assume a mostly male audience, because the
most prominent “props” are the young, attractive
women on a boat – which I’m not complaining about.

Other than reinforcing limiting beliefs, this kind of “Aimlessly
Grasping outward”, for solutions of getting more money is an ex
ample of

– Backward Thinking –

at least to me – and I’ll explain why I think this is the case..

The *only* thing worth spending your investment of emotional
and thought energy is:

What does *your* Ideal Life look like, from the time you get up in
the morning, to WHO you are with, WHAT you might doing,
WHERE you live, etc..?

Those ancient, and not so ancient writers such as Wallace Wattles,
Charles Fillmore, Neville Goddard who wrote about
Universal Principles, such as the Law of Attraction,
truly led the way on how to Radiate the proper emotionalized


“Assume the Feeling of the Wish Fulfilled.” – Neville

It’s a simple habit to get into – but not necessarily easy –
to Visualize with Feeling a picture of what your ideal life is,
on a daily basis.

I say “Not Easy”, because: We put so much importance
on our current physical reality.

Wallace Wattles said that this is the hardest work for us to
to do …

We DO need to dwell on – with our thoughts – What we desire
Reinforcing (with our attention), the External appearances

Besides doing your best to visualize daily and with Feeling,
also, I’ve found through a lot of reading, and application
of these concepts gleaned from my reading, that
Life gives you nice bonuses when you simply:

=> Do something you Love doing Just for the Joy it gives you aching to be Given – and NOW, not Later – is what
could Launch Things Off in your life in a big way.

This makes you very Magnetic for attracting more.

( Start: Now – but don’t make the painting _itself_, in your
expectations, to be the only Avenue or Channel through which
the Universe delivers that lifestyle that you envision. )

So, to sum up, I’d say the odds are good, that using the money
that’s otherwise pegged for the Day Trader Instant-Business-Now
package ..

.. would better be spent on the Web development software if you
crave doing this type of thing, or if you’re a Painter, buy the
paint and brushes, or if you want to create Music,
than buy that music software you’ve been wanting, or the guitar.

( If you Do love the thought of Day Trading, and your instinct
about the Infomercial gives you a “YES”, then call and order )

As Neville says, (and Steve paraphrases),
“Wear the Feeling-State of Having Your Objective Realized”.

Live in your Ultimate Dreamed-Of Life NOW as much as you can
with your actions, environment and especially in quiet meditation
sessions with your internal images.

5 Rules of Successful MySpace Music Promotion

The music and recording industry is overcrowded. Hundreds of demos make their way into the mail rooms of the big recording studios every day. Very few of these demos will ever lead to profitable recording contracts because the big record company executives know that they have recording artists over the barrel. With such a huge surplus of talented musicians yearning for their big break, the big record executives are free to pick and choose who they sign and they don’t always offer a fair deal to unknown artists. It can quickly turn into a vicious cycle of submission and rejection. Luckily, the unknown recording artists does have an edge in getting their name and music into the public eye. That edge is MySpace. To properly make use of the music promotion abilities of MySpace, there are a few simple rules to follow.

Rule 1 – Be social

People love to share their lives. If you are willing to take the time to comment on other peoples profiles and share something besides your music with your network, you will quickly find that people are more willing to follow your climb up the ladder of successful recording. It is great to promote your next performance or offer your CD for sale but don’t make this the only thing you ever talk about. Be human. Let your network become your friends and they will become your fans too.

Rule 2 – Use lots of pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words so make sure yours tell the story of your recording career in the right light. Do you have pictures of your latest recording session or live performance? Make sure to upload them to your profile as soon as possible so your fans see that you are working and haven’t went the way of the dinosaurs.

Rule 3 – Use the music player

MySpace offers a built in music player with customizable play lists. Use this feature to help people find your sound. Upload your songs and create a play list to showcase your bands skill. Make this the default play list and include the media player on your profile page. Everyone who visits your profile page will get the opportunity to listen to your latest song and even add it to their own music player play list. You never know who will happen across your profile and have the connections to create your door into the music world.

Rule 4 – Be unique

MySpace offers a default profile background but why would you want to use that? Your band has a unique sound. Why would you want the same profile background as everyone else? MySpace backgrounds are easily altered and changed so experiment a little. Use tiled pictures of your band in the background or create an artistic background image that is eye catching and conveys a sense of your music.

Rule 5 – Be informative

Have you ever talked to someone who seemed to talk for days without saying anything meaningful? Many MySpace profile read in the same way because people forget that this is their face to the online world. In your MySpace page, don’t fall into this trap. Include information in your profile and status messages about what your band is doing professionally, upcoming concerts and CD releases. Use the blog to keep fans updated on your bands progress and current news about your band. Don’t post status messages about what you had for breakfast, unless, of course, you just had a breakfast meeting with the president of RCA records.