Best Places to Break-Up With Your Boyfriend

Has relationship gone a little stale? Have you felt a little stuck these past 6-months? Then it’s probably time for a change. If you’re certain that you want to break-up with your boyfriend then you’ve got to do it right. Assuming he’s a good guy, you’ll want to make sure that your break-up techniques will respect him as a person and what you once had as a happy couple. So take care and be thoughtful in your decision. Once you’ve decided when, then you’ve got to pick the perfect place. If you’re drawing a blank, then check out my suggestions below.

1. Public Library. This may sound a little weird, but if your boyfriend it prone to making a scene or crying, then the public library is sure to prevent this. He’ll have to remain somewhat composed, even if he’s itching to wail out at you. Remember to have tact and to pick a nice cozy spot. Once it’s over with, then you can both easily go your separate ways.

2. Dive Bar. Make sure there are lots of people around and the music is really loud. Have a seat on a couple of bar stools and break the news. As long as the atmosphere is just right, then he’s likely to take the news somewhat well. Just make sure he’s had a couple of drinks first.

3. Local Coffee Shop. This type of atmosphere also calls for a composed response. Just grab a couple of coffees have a seat and tell him you need to talk. Be calm about it and blend with your surroundings. He’s likely to be upset, but he’ll probably handle it better with a nice cup of Joe.

4. Public Park. If you’re expecting a big shout out match, then why not go to a public park? He can scream as loud as he wants, just make sure you aren’t near any young children playing. Wonder off into a more secluded area, have a seat on an outdoor patio set, and have it out. Then you can both leave in opposite directions.

Breaking-up is never easy. It’s stressful enough figuring out what you need to say, but you can’t neglect location. The location of your break-up talk can really make it an easier discussion. Just judge your boyfriend’s personality type and pick an appropriate place. And remember, if you live together, you should avoid breaking-up inside of your home. This will be both incredibly awkward and inconvenient.